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It’s time to repair and renovate your home! Let’s start with your stucco ceilings.

If you are stuck with popcorn ceiling or stucco ceiling, we are the Burlington area experts who help to modernize your interior. Popcorn ceilings are SO yesterday, with Smooth Ceiling, you have the opportunity to repair your ceiling, install pot lights and truly add to your home’s interior vibe and value.
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    We help with all steps of the stucco removal and ceiling repair process. (See how we help here) Get the facts of what it takes to make Burlington smooth again:

    • Clean & fast ceiling repairs
    • 30+ years combined experience
    • Detailed craftsmanship and finesse
    • Easy communication & free quotes
    • Stucco removed
    • No mess left behind
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      Why Burlington Needs Smooth Ceiling:

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      Smooth Celing BurlingtonStucco & Drywall Repairs & Removal

      It Takes a Lot of Work

      To smooth out those old popcorn ceilings takes a lot of elbow grease. Stucco is tough stuff! With our combined experience, our team has learned a trick or two to make sure we are both efficient AND clean while removing your popcorn ceilings.

      This means that once we set out to freshen up your drywall or ceilings in Burlington, we’ve a clear goal to make sure we do great work and do it quickly. That stucco ceiling NEVER saw us coming.

      We have earned quite a name for ourselves and are pleased to offer this same level of exceptional care and service to the homeowners of Burlington, Ontario. We know you’ve experienced the effects of popcorn ceiling in your home, you don’t have to suffer any longer!

      We take care of all the stucco, stipple, and bumpy ceiling material. It is gone, vanished – No more. No mess is left behind.

      Trim Stairs & Stucco NIce
      Stairs, Trim & PrecisionWe work wonders with the final touches in your home

      We Care About Our Work

      The beauty of the work we do: (Removing stucco and popcorn ceiling, repairing and refinishing ceilings and drywall) is that we get to see the results as they progress.

      The whole process from beginning to end is a testament to the finesse it takes to complete any sort of interior renovation. Any sort of drywall work is highly visible and open to scrutiny, that’s why we focus on the details.

      It’s the little things, after all – Call us to discuss your ceiling repair jobs!

      Burlington Popcorn Ceilings & Stucco Ceilings: It's Time to Go!

       We Use the Best Products for Your Home

      We are big fans of Sherwin Williams Paints and primers. Their products go on smooth and really compliment the ceiling repair services that we offer.
      Read about their professional products and find local retailers in the Burlington area here.

      Sherwin williams paints

       We also enjoy using Benjamin Moore paints and products,
      see where to purchase their products right here in Burlington, Ontario.

      benjamin moore paints burlington

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