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We Repair Ceilings and Remove Popcorn Ceilings in Milton, Ontario

We have decades of experience in repairing ceilings and removing stucco/popcorn ceiling in Milton, Ontario and all of the Halton Region. Call or message us to discuss one of the best ways to improve the value of your home in Milton -> Popcorn ceiling removal!


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    Knowing Your Ceiling

    What Type of Ceiling do you Have

    Across Milton, we can see the different stages of homes that have been constructed over the years. The changing decades bring different construction materials and different techniques to the table. Through the ages, it seems that ceilings have undergone a lot of changes in styles and here are a few of the types that may exist in your Milton home:

    • Regular Drywall Ceiling
    • Stucco covered ceiling
    • Popcorn (similar to stucco, but more pronounced texture)
    • Plaster finish
    • Coffered ceiling (beams and grid design)

    Ceiling repair in action in MiltonFor most homes in the region, we see a lot of plain old drywall ceilings. It’s easy to see why, after the 80’s it became much easier to hang lighter types of drywall from the ceiling. As it became less labor intensive, it’s popularity increased big time.

    The Transition of Ceiling Types in the Halton Region

    Normal or ‘untextured’ ceilings overtook the previously widely used stucco ceiling. Stucco or stipple was used very aggressively after world war 2. As the Halton Region saw a great building boom, even Milton and Oakville saw a rising population and a need for a whole heck of a lot more homes.

    The reason for the popularity was that stucco was inexpensive, and allowed home builders in Milton to cover imperfections in the ceiling. It was the perfect combination of quick, cheap, and lazy!

    Here We Are Now…

    Fast forward 40-50 years to present times and we are left with the problems associated with an age old building boom and a love of dangerous materials. The stucco or popcorn ceilings can also be a signal that asbestos is contained in the ceiling above. Go figure that it was about the time of the shift away from asbestos that builders opted out of the textured ceilings…

    Ceiling repair before afterOther Drawbacks and Problems with Stucco Ceiling

    In addition to the risks of asbestos, there’s other superficial problems associated with textured ceilings… Surprising as it is, the dimples in the texture reduce the brightness in a room. All of the pockets trap light and there it is lost forever in the shadows. Spiders and bugs can also make their home in the valleys of the ceiling. As anyone in Milton, Ontario knows, there’s enough bugs to deal with, we do not need to give them more of a reason to come for a visit.

    Should I Remove Popcorn Ceiling?

    There’s definitely some personal elements to this question.

    However, if the price suits your budget, and you truly want to freshen up your home and ceilings in Milton to be modern and clean, then we are indeed the perfect fit for you and you should remove popcorn ceiling.

    We can be your contractor of choice to take care of you that ceiling. So to answer the question, if you can, you should. There’s far too much down side to keeping these older types of ceiling in tact, so we’ll gladly come for a visit. It doesn’t take long to establish a free quote for you!

      Helping Homeowners in Milton, Ontario with their Ceilings

      We really just want to help everyone in Milton, just like we’ve been helping everyone in Burlington, Oakville, and Richmond Hill. Since we started in the ceiling repair business, we’ve just been thrilled with all the wonderful people we meet. Perhaps it’s our fault that people keep referring us to their friends and family. We provide a service that helps make homes look great, and we do it at a more than fair cost. google review Typically you can find the cost of ceiling repair or popcorn ceiling removal to be astronomical from ‘the other guys’. We can’t exactly describe how they price their jobs, everyone has their methods. We do our ceiling repair costing for Milton homes just like we do any other. It is based entirely on the square footage of the ceiling in question, combined with a couple other minor factors like: Is the ceiling painted, is there lots of trim to re affix. It all makes perfect sense, when it is all said and done.

      Let’s Say you Need Some Trim

      Trim can make all the difference in the world. For your Milton home, your ceiling, all of it. For some of the most recent homes we’ve done work for, we’ve added a touch of extra class by adding in crown molding. Do you even realize how amazing this stuff looks in a modern home? Sure, with popcorn or stucco ceiling it looks okay… The dimmed light as a result of the stipple sure detracts from the overall quality of the room. Oakville drywall and stucco work staircaseThough, once all of that is clear, and we are looking at a fresh, smooth ceiling, and the light can shine from edge to edge – All of a sudden this Milton home is surrounded and encased in a delightful molding, and the ceiling is so smooth.

      You can’t catch a single imperfection. That’s what I want in my home, and that’s what I’d want for your home too.

      Located elsewhere in Halton? Checkout popcorn ceiling removal in Oakville here!

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