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Whether you’re a homeowner or landlord in Mississauga, you’ve likely encountered the dreaded ‘popcorn ceiling’ and want it removed. This old fashioned textured ceiling finish has seen its days numbered. With the help of Smooth Ceiling, you too can be stucco free, and on your way to smooth ceilings!

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Stucco ceiling, otherwise known as either popcorn ceiling or textured ceiling, is a home improvement bad-hair-day that never seems to be forgotten. We exist to help you forget!

What’s Involved in the Popcorn Ceiling Removal Process?

The heavy weight of the textured ceiling, regardless of material used, produces a continuous strain on ceiling joists, and can lead to not just ceiling collapse, but also other dangerous potential disasters like asbestos exposure, reduced natural lighting exposure, and increased insect habitation.

We get asked about the process often enough that we made a page full of answers. You can see our smooth ceiling process here, and to sum it up:

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