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Popcorn Ceiling Removal in Oakville & Area

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Smooth Ceiling Ltd is a verified popcorn ceiling removal and stucco contractor on Homestars that dominates the competition in Southern Ontario. We have won ‘Best of Homestars’ every year since 2015. Our reviews speak for themselves!

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Popcorn Ceiling Removal in Oakville & Area

Quick, clean, & courteous popcorn ceiling removal & ceiling repairs from Burlington to Milton.

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Our Recent Work in the Halton Region

How Do You Remove Popcorn Ceiling?

Our Unique Popcorn Removal Process:

1. Prepare The Area

We take many steps to ensure we protect your home, furniture, and belongings. Paper floor protection for hardwood floors, and plastic for carpet and walls. We also cover/close vents to prevent dust and debris from spreading.

2. Removing The Popcorn

We ‘wet’ the ceiling with water. No chemicals are used! Then we scrape down the ceiling, removing the stucco/popcorn. We also remove dust, debris, and loose ceiling particles.

3. Plastering The Ceiling

We apply a layer of plaster to the ceiling. Sometimes multiple layers are needed. We apply the plaster in very thin layers to assure there are no air pockets – This prevents the ceiling from cracking in the future.

4. Sanding The Ceiling

We feather and sand the ceiling to a nice flush, smooth finish. After all, it’s in our name!

5. Priming & Painting

When the ceiling is perfectly smooth with no imperfections, we prime and paint using a top quality Benjamin Moore pain.

6. The Final Step

Clean the Work Area – We are known for being one of the cleanest stucco contractors in the Halton Region. We take pride in making sure your home is left the same way it was before we started!

Where Smooth Ceiling Works

Our Ceiling Repair, Painting, and Drywall Service Area:

We specialize in transforming your stucco ceiling/popcorn ceiling into a smooth ceiling with perfectly flush drywall, pot lights and a vibrant fresh painted finish. Our service area includes:

Why Should You Remove Popcorn Ceiling?

Benefits of Our Popcorn Ceiling Removal Service

Removing stucco/popcorn/stipple/bumpy ceiling impacts your lifestyle in meaningful beyond just making your home look more modern:

Interior Painting Specialists

We excel at interior painting. Our crew always finishes with a professional paint job. We use only the best paints and primers from Benjamin Moore for your ceilings and walls. This helps to assure the best paint colours are used for a bright and durable finish.

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What’s Involved in the Popcorn Ceiling Removal Process?

We get asked about the process often enough that we made a page full of answers. You can see our smooth ceiling process here, and to sum it up:

Ceiling repair in action in Milton

What is the Cost of Popcorn Removal?

There’s so many factors involved in quoting for a ceiling repair job such as stucco removal. There’s the square footage combined with the type and texture of the popcorn to be removed. There is no one-answer-suits-all.

Also, one thing that many people fail to factor in, is whether or not the ceiling has been painted. If the ceiling has been painted, it makes it a little more difficult to properly remove all of the stipple (another name for popcorn ceiling) elements.

"While we’re in the zone, we are perfectly happy to offer additional services for more upgrades to your home’s ceiling. There’s no better time to install pot lights than when we’re already elbow deep in drywall and stucco!"

Please contact us to discuss popcorn ceiling removal, and restoring your ceilings to a brand new smooth and modern finish with fresh bright paint colours. We are operate out of Oakville, Ontario and service the entire Halton Region.

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