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We are the stucco removal experts in Oakville who specialize in removing old fashioned popcorn & textured ceilings. We also repair ceilings, install pot lights, and paint interiors.

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      Smooth Ceiling's Services in Oakville

      • Popcorn ceiling removal
      • Textured ceiling removal
      • Pot light (Recessed lighting) installation
      • Ceiling resurfacing and skim coat
      • Crown mouldings
      • Interior painting (ceiling painting and wall painting)
      • Casing, trim & baseboards
      • Water damage & drywall repairs

      Smooth Ceiling in The Halton Region

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      Ceiling Repair: A Smooth SuccessOakville home complete with crown moulding and pot light installation.

      What Can We Do For Your Ceilings?

      We are known as the popcorn ceiling removal experts in Burlington, Milton & Oakville. We are thrilled to be available to smooth your ceilings as part of our expansion across the area. This means we can come and take a look at the ceilings in your home to see what it would take to get them up to snuff, modern, and simply smooth.

      A lot of homes still have popcorn ceiling, sadly. This dated type of stucco texture on home’s ceilings was a big fad in the 80’s. However, times have changed, and so have people’s tastes. New construction in the Halton Region doesn’t even consider using stucco or textured ceilings, so it’s up to us to help you remove it from yours!

      Plenty of Reasons to Remove Popcorn Ceiling

      There’s plenty of reason to remove popcorn ceiling. Beyond being old fashioned, there are structural issues to worry about. All of that stucco and stipple are adding stress to your ceiling panels or drywall boards. You may have even noticed some seepage of the drywall as gravity does its work.

      Not only is the stucco heavy, it may also be an indicator that there could be asbestos hiding above the drywall or plaster. Nobody wants to have to worry about the trouble that comes along with ceiling asbestos, so there’s another good reason to have Smooth Ceiling summoned to your home! We are here to keep you not only Smooth – but Safe!

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      Custom WorkBasically we do anything drywall / stucco

      What’s Involved in the Popcorn Ceiling Removal Process?

      We get asked about the process often enough that we made a page full of answers. You can see our smooth ceiling process here, and to sum it up:

      1. We establish what needs to be done
      2. We seal the area to avoid cross contamination
      3. We scrape the ceiling down as far as we can
      4. We apply a new layer of drywall mud or stucco
      5. We sand, smooth, prime and paint!

      While we’re in the zone, we are perfectly happy to offer additional options for nice upgrades to your home’s ceiling. There’s no better time to install pot lights than when we’re already elbow deep in drywall and stucco!

      What is the Cost of Popcorn Removal?

      There’s so many factors involved in quoting for a ceiling repair job such as stucco removal. There’s the square footage combined with the type and texture of the popcorn to be removed. There is no one-answer-suits-all.

      Also, one thing that many people fail to factor in, is whether or not the ceiling has been painted. If the ceiling has been painted, it makes it a little more difficult to properly remove all of the stipple (another name for popcorn ceiling) elements.

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      Keeping it clean
      Keeping it CleanWe take great pride in keeping your house clean!

      Oakville is a Big City, How Soon Can Smooth Ceiling Help?

      For a city of Oakville’s size, with roots going back to the 1800’s, it’s easy to think that a stucco contractor and ceiling repair expert like Smooth Ceiling might be in for a bit of a lineup! Sure, we get a lot of calls, but we’re very good at staying in touch, and communicating timelines and managing expectations.

      There’s no point in playing silly games that other stucco contractors might get into, we just want to help you get rid of potentially dangerous stucco, stipple, and popcorn ceiling in a clean and timely manner. See, it’s not too much to ask!

      Talk To Us

      If you’re interested in contacting us for popcorn ceiling removal in Oakville, we’re standing by to answer any and all questions. Though we’ve tried to go to great lengths to make sure we have detailed information on our website, we understand if you want to talk to a person to see how it all applies to your home, and your situation.

      If you have friends or family in Oakville, let them know about our services, referrals are always welcome, even if they happen to be slightly out of town.

      We also service Burlington, Milton, Vaughan and Richmond Hill.

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