Smooth Ceiling Ltd. Privacy Policy

Smooth Ceiling Ltd. considers your privacy the most important factor in establishing a trusting, working relationship.

Digital Privacy – Your Information, Our Website.

When you visit our website,, your internet browser will download cookies, which are tiny bits of information that help to keep your experience consistent on our website.

What does this mean?

It means that the time you spend on our website can be used to personalize your experience. See the definition of cookies here. We do not use cookies in any way to identify you, or relate your IP address to any real life entity.

Smooth Ceiling Ltd. on Cookies

As far as Smooth Ceiling Ltd. is concerned, we do not actively do anything with the cookie information. Our website structure may use them for background purposes, but we do not gather, store, or use this cookie information in any way.

Security and Encryption

All data transmitted from our server to your browser is encrypted with an SSL certificate that prevents anyone from ‘snooping’ on your web traffic. This is an important modern standard for online communications.

There is also a security firewall installed to prevent malicious actions from taking place in either direction of traffic, to and from our server. Though no measure or action is 100% effective, we have gone above and beyond to secure your – and our – experience.

Tracking and Analytics

Smooth Ceiling Ltd. uses Google Analytics to monitor user behaviour on our website.

In short, this is a service provided by Google that shows us where a user came to our site from (for example, Google itself), which pages a user visited, and for how long.

We may sometimes use this information to help make changes to our site to make your experience better.

We do not attribute any personal details to this activity. It is anonymous, and purely for design and marketing research.

Facebook Pixel Tracking

From time to time we may test Facebook’s Pixel, which is similar to Google Analytics, only provided by Facebook, as a way to track user behaviour on our site, and potentially draw anonymous demographic data to make marketing decisions down the line.

Contact / Quote Form Submissions

When a user submits personal information through the contact forms on our site, the information is passed securely by email to the business owner and operator.

At this time, the information provided is not used for any further marketing efforts, nor is it in any way provided to any third party services.

We collect your contact details only to follow up with you in regards to your desired popcorn ceiling removal or ceiling repair request.

Existential and Unknown Considerations

With most experiences and platforms online, situations may arise that are beyond our knowledge, or our control. Our website uses various systems to complete the overall Smooth Ceiling Ltd. experience. If one of these systems instigates any privacy issue without our knowledge, we cannot be held liable. We monitor constantly for these types of problems to try to catch anything like this before it happens. After all, your privacy, safety, and security is the prime concern when dealing online.

With Smooth Ceiling Ltd., the data you provide either intentionally or unintentionally is either discarded, or used only to contact you.

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