Popcorn Ceiling Removal & Stucco Removal in Richmond Hill

Do You Still Have Popcorn Ceilings or Stucco Ceilings in Your Home? We Can Remove it! Fast!

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Why Remove Stucco / Popcorn Ceiling?

The old school style of texturing ceilings is a looming concern for homeowners in Richmond Hill. The helping hands of Smooth Ceiling (popcorn ceiling removal service all-stars!) can remove the outdated textured ceiling style in no-time flat, in a convenient mess-free way.

But why remove stucco and popcorn ceilings?

  • Asbestos?
  • Stress on ceiling
  • Hiding insects
  • Reduced air quality
  • Diminished lighting

Do you see how the light is ‘trapped’ in the stucco ceiling picture? All the bumps, valleys, and height differences in the texture of the stucco cause light to get trapped. When the light is trapped, you get a shadow, and the light simply dies. Why would we want diminished light levels in our home? It’s crazy!

bad stucco on the ceiling

Fast. Affordable. Mess Free. Stucco Removal.

Smooth Ceilings delivers the swiftest and tidiest methods of removing popcorn ceilings and stucco ceilings from your home in Richmond Hill.

Can you imagine a better way to smoothen your ceilings and rid your Richmond Hill home of bumpy, textured ceiling once and for all!?

Before and After images of our stucco removal process in Richmond Hill. Wouldn’t you love to join the Smooth Ceiling family!

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