Smooth Ceiling Newmarket

Retro Ceiling Removal – Popcorn Ceilings Gotta Go!

How Smooth Ceiling Works in Newmarket, Ontario

It’s high time to modernize that home of yours! We at Smooth Ceiling, have seen so many instances of popcorn ceilings in homes in the Newmarket area. We want to help you smooth out that old school texture and see what a little TLC can do for your home!

There was a time where it was considered fashionable to have this type of stucco ceiling, but that time has long passed. You might not have even realized that you have popcorn ceiling, if you look up and see it, please call us! The stress on your ceiling’s drywall is huge due to the wait of the stucco finish, and it is our honour and privilege to help you remove it for good.

Newmarket is a lovely place, and Smooth Ceiling is here to make it even better! We want you all to enjoy a smooth modern ceiling and that goes for you Newmarket and the whole GTA area!