The Process of Removing Stucco Ceiling

Developed Through Years of Experience

The Smooth Ceiling Process

1. Prepare

  • We believe protection, cleanliness and attention to detail is key to a successful removal.
  • Close off vents and air intakes.
  • Apply waterproof paper for floor protection.
  • Cover walls and frames with plastic.
  • We protect stairs and unmovable objects.

2. Removal

  • After protecting the area of work, the magic begins.
  • We proceed by wetting the ceiling with water.
  • Our team then scrapes the right amount off of the ceiling.
  • Complete any needed touch ups.
Preparing the workspace
Scraping off stucco

3. Plaster

  • Applying Plaster (mud) is crucial for a smooth ceiling.
  • Our experienced team is spot on with thickness.
  • Too thick causes cracks, too think shows imperfections. 

4. Sanding

  • Feather Sanding.
  • High grit paper.
  • LED final look for imperfections.
  • Smooth ceiling perfection.
Sanding the Ceiling
Prime and Paint

5. Prime & Paint

  • With a clean surface prime with sealant paint. 
  • Final coat with top quality paint. 
  • Benjamin Moore
  • Sherwin Williams

6. Clean Up Time

  • Vacuum, swiffer, dust 
  • Remove all protection 
  • Leave your house cleaned to perfection
cleaning up