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Still have Stucco or Popcorn Ceiling in Your Home?

Stucco ceiling (or popcorn ceiling) is a big pain!
You may be experiencing lifestyle drawbacks due to the presence of this outdated, and old fashioned type of textured ceiling. Let Smooth Ceiling provide you with a swift and clean upgrade to your Toronto area home that will leave your ceilings fresher and brighter. No more stucco with our popcorn ceiling removal service!

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When it comes to physical stress on your home, and the potential health problems associated with popcorn ceilings, it’s a wonder that textured ceilings even became a trend in the first place. What were they thinking back then?

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Check out photos from our work across Toronto. We are pleased to be able to help so many of you smooth out those ceilings and make a real difference in your home. You can see how removing the textured stipple impacts the interior lighting of each room. With no more stucco, the light can spread more naturally.

What’s Involved in the Popcorn Ceiling Removal Process?

Luckily we can help. As a professional stucco removal company in Toronto, we have seen a lot of ceilings, and know how to approach every instance of popcorn ceiling, and smoothen things out in a flash!

We get asked about the process often enough that we made a page full of answers. You can see our smooth ceiling process here, and to sum it up:

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